Scotland, England, Wales

Well, we made it to the UK. Great flight on British Airways. Landed in Heathrow 3 hours late, then a mad dash from one terminal to another for flight to Aberdeen, with the help of a BA rep. WOW!

A short itinerary of what we have done so far and where we are going.

Aberdeen, Scotland; then Portsoy to visit friends. Great time.

Flew back to Heathrow, got a car and drove to Salisbury. Lovely city. Side trip to Winchester Cathedral. Can’t stop humming a certain song.

Then to Bath, yes, we saw the Roman baths! Got lost between every site we visited even though we were walking.

Now in Cardiff, Wales. Walked around a castle and then to the Dr. Who exhibit. Smashing!

Next stop is the Cotswolds, then on to London.

Will expand on each shortly.

We are having a blast.

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