A Day at the Giro d’Italia

Giro d’Italia
Bagni di Lucca
May 13, 2015

So the Giro d’Italia this year went through Tuscany. After some searching we determined the easiest place to see a stage was in Bagni di Lucca. About 30 minutes north by train. So we bought our train tickets, about 12 euro round trip for 2, and headed out.

Now the train station for Bagni di Lucca is actually in a small village 5 km down the road. So when we arrived we walked up the road to a cafe where we had lunch and watched the locals preparing for the Giro to come by. While waiting a Tinkoff-Saxo team car and 2 riders came by, stopped and had a cafe and dolci. They were the scout car and riders for main team and about 1 hour ahead of race. It was fun watching them just stop and sit and enjoy the view.

We then decided to go into Bagni di Lucca as a sprint point was there and it would have more people and excitement. Fortunately a bus came by just then and we took it into town. We picked a spot just past sprint point and waited and watched everyone. Then the advertisement vehicles came by, horns beeping, people cheering, you thought it was the race! We had a gelato and waited.

Shortly after that the police and race organizer vehicles came through. Then the TV helicopter came over head and we knew the race was here. Cheering, waving, swoosh and the lead riders (5) flew by. A minute later the main peloton flew by, 129 some odd riders, inches from where we stood. Wow! It was over in a flash. We barely had time to comprehend what just happened.

Adrenaline rush over, we start walking back to train station. We looked for a bus back, but apparently as the buses stopped running for the race to come through, they decided not to start up again. It is Italy you know. So a long walk back, fortunately all down hill. We stopped for a drink and dolci along the way. It is Italy you know. Finally back to station, on train and home in Lucca. A long 6 hours for 30 seconds of race. Well the trip and adventure was all part of it. We had fun. Now seeing where we can be for the Tour de France in July.

I have some videos and will post later. But here are some photos.

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