Dublin Ireland

Dublin, Ireland
May 20 – 26 2015

Visited Dublin and surrounding areas while going to the ELF (European Locksmith Federation) convention in Malahide in North Dublin.

So a quick highlight of the trip.

Arrived and met up with friends from Orlando and England. Did a Dublin sightseeing bus tour. Easy way to see the city and decide what you want to come back to and have a longer visit.

Next day after settling in at our hotels in the beautiful coastal town of Malahide, we drove out to the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. Amazing area on the sea side. Take a look at the pictures. Saying is that a giant once stood with one foot here and the other in England, or some such thing. Each time I heard the story it was slightly different.

Some of us went to conventions and others went to Glendalough to see a Medieval monastery from the 6th century. Very beautiful.

Then we took the train out to Howth, a seaside village with charming houses and restaurants. It’s a weekend getaway for city folks. We walked around and ended up at St. Mary’s Abbey. Not much left of it, but a great view of the town and sea.

The highlight for the book lovers in the group was a visit to Trinity Collage in Dublin to see “The Book of Kells” and other very old books.

We also saw Dublin Castle and St. Patrick’s Cathedral and also got to hear a choir sing in the church. Then more walking through St. Stephen’s Green, and Merrion Square Park where the Oscar Wilde statue is located.

A very packed trip but well worth it.

Dublin Ireland Photo Gallery

St Patrick's Cathedral

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