Seville Spain

Seville, Spain 25 Feb – 1 Mar 2015

We went on a short trip to Seville to visit some friends we made in Lucca. They had gone back to the US for a few months and now were in Seville for 3 months. We went with another friend from Lucca and had a great time.

Bus to Pisa, then RyanAir to Seville and a taxi to our hotel. Easy as can be. Travel is so easy and fun in Europe. One of the many reasons we came here.

So, Seville is a very amazing place. The architecture is stunning. The food is mouth watering and the people are friendly.

Brief recount of trip.

Arrive – ate at tapas bar – yum!

1st day – walk eat walk eat walk, tour Seville Cathedral, and plaza de Espana.

2nd day – eat walk eat – well you get the idea. Tour Alcazar. That night went to a traditional Flamingo dance. Way different from what you see in the movies.

3rd day – side trip to Cordoba to see Mezquita (Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba). Yes we ate walked and ate. That night went to a “Jazz Bar” and heard an amazing duo, the guy played piano and the lady sang, boy could she sing. We all had a blast.

Last day 🙁   ate breakfast, taxi ride to airport, RyanAir to Pisa, train to Lucca and home.

Seville Spain Photo Gallery


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